Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Can Has Google

New episode of This Week in Google is out. Leo Laporte and gang talk about the Gmail outage. 100 minutes it was down for and the world panics. Get your own domain and mail account. Gina talks about how to use both so that you have a back up to fall back up.

The team talked about the new release of Snow Leopard, or as Leo called it in last week's Mac Break Weekly episode, "Snow Job", a double entendre on the Leo's view that it should have been released by Job's company as a Service Pack instead seeling it as a new OS.

Also discussed was Dropbox, Google News, Book Search, Tivo, and more.

Listen to this week's episode: All Your Os Are Belong To Us

* Editor's note: For those of you who might live under a rock, this post's title is reference to LolCats. As always, read the user agreement first before agreeing. After all, how can you agree to something you've not read? Google can has you too.

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