Sunday, September 6, 2009

Free Download: 36 High Quality Fonts

A great boon to any web developer is a big swag full of fonts. A recent post at Instantshift showed us where we can grab lots of great design fonts for free.

From the post:

"Below you’ll find Collection of High-Quality Free Fonts to Enhance Your Designs by which you can save money and focus on making great applications.

The basic purpose behind this post is to show you Popular, Artistic and most importantly Free Downloadable font types to save your time searching them online. Direct download link available for the entire fonts.

You can also find some related free references at the end of the post. Just make sure to read the license agreements carefully as they can change from time to time."

Read the full post and download the fonts.

* Editor's note: "swag" is Australian slang for something you sleep in, these days a bit like a tent and sleeping bag combined. A "swag load" means as much as you can fit into a swag, which is a lot.

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