Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FREE Photos

Looking for Free photos to use on your blog or website? Almost everyone who develops a website or writes a blog at some point needs to find images to use. Obviously you can't just take any image you find on the web to use on your own website or blog. If you did that you would be breaching copyright and breaking the law.

You could search a photo site like Flickr or Picasa for the one you need and then write to the owner and ask them if they wouldn't mind you using their photos. But a much easier way of getting images is to search for photos that have already been OK'd by the owners to be reused.

Enter Creative Commons Search.

Simply enter a search term, tick the appropriate box, and then click "search images".

* Editor's Note: You should always verify that the work you are re-using has a Creative Commmons license attached to it and abide by the conditions of the particular CC license. Often this simply means crediting the owner and linking to an explanation of the license.

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