Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Can Icon

Icons are sometimes thought of like icing on a cake, the cake being your website.

They can also serve a very important functional purpose, sending visual information directly to the visitor with a recognisable visual image. Email and RSS are two that appear on almost every site, and more and more these days Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks.

When building a website it is not always easy to find icons to use. Do you just do a web search for icons? Or have you collected a bunch of icons that you've lifted from other people's websites as you find them?

Avoid the possible legal and stylistic problems by using this excellent tool:

You can type straight into the search field to search for the particular icon you need or you can browse the collections.

It's very nicely presented so that you can see how many icons are in each set, a preview of the set, a link to the author's website, and a license telling you how they can be used. Many of these are free for commercial use and some are also licensed under specific Creative Commons license.

* Editor's Note: As always, such useful tools are added to the Weaver's Digest Tool Box on the right panel >>>

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