Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Test Your DNS Speed

Have you ever heard people suggest you should change your DNS settings from using your ISP's DNS to something else like Open DNS? Recently, Google joined in and announced they have a new free DNS service that is designed to speed up your browsing. But Google's is not ncessarily the fastest so you should try other options as well.

So I thought I'd do some test to see how my ISP's DNS settings faired before changing them. Actually, I have to thank Leo Laporte for this tip: Leo suggested trying out NameBench. NameBench will test your current DNS settings against a range of other DNS servers and give you the fastest result as a suggestion. You will have to download the software and install it but it is a small download and easy to install and use.

* Editor's Note: Changing your DNS settings is simply a matter of copying and pasting and takes a matter of seconds. You can change back at any time.

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