Monday, September 14, 2009

Which Web Host?

Once you have a website built, you need to have someone host it for you. If it's just a personal website you could enquire with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as they often give you a small space for free with your Internet account.

There are also free web hosts out there...but often they want to put annoying ads on your website.

So eventually, you will want to pay to have your website hosted. There are many web hosts out there and when you are paying for one you want to be sure you have a good one.

Often I get asked who to host my website with?

The most important factor in my opinion is reliability and support. Many cheap hosts fail on both counts.

Here is a good comparison chart of webhosts, breaking down the costs and other factors and comparing them:

10 Best Hosting in 2009

Looking at the chart you'll see that BlueHost comes in pretty on the list.

*Editor's Note: Bluehost is Max's preferred web host.

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