Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ten Top SEO Tricks

Ten things that you can do to to your website that will increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

1. Make all of your links absolute, remove secondary keywords that are NOT RELEVANT.

2. Cap all out-bound links (links leaving the page to no more than 10 per page) or create a new page to keep the focus laser-like.

3. Optimize your anchor text (the text in the link). Make sure your main keyword/phrase is on the page (at least one time) as well as in the title.

4. Don’t try to optimize a page for more than 3 terms / keywords.

5. Use contextual links in the content, the higher on the page the better as links higher in the page are known to carry more weight in search engines vs. footer links.

6. Keep your pages lean 20k or less (optimization also means loading time), this includes images and code bloat.

7. Optimize your in-line code. Keep all of your java script and other programming code off page (in their own respective files and hyper-linked to the page like a style sheet).

8. Hone the focus of the page - Make sure your main keyword appears at least 2-4 times on the page and once in the h1 and a slight variation in an H2 tag.

9. Augment your pages through the buddy system - Have at least 5 of your strongest pages concentrating their collective internal link-juice towards your newest rock star page (the page you wish to elevate and send forth as your messenger in the SERPs).

10. Clean out pages that are off topic, rewrite them for present-tense relevance or remove all but a few links, rewrite the titles (65 characters or less) and the descriptions (2 sentences tops using the keywords only one time each) then republish the page and wait for the spiders to re-index your content. From there you can start building links to gain more elevation in the SERPs.

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